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About Noam

I have worn many hats. I was a VC founder, investor, and tireless hustler. I chased and chased until I couldn’t run anymore. What about now was so bad that I was trying to run so far away from it? 

The answer to that question has led me far and wide. I studied Zen meditation under a Buddhist monk in Burma, learning Torah in yeshiva in Israel, studied Tai Chi, and other healing modalities. I spend my time working, learning, traveling, playing music, and leading trips. I also lead corporate workshops where I teach people to tap into "flow."

To guide people on trips is an enormous privilege. It is both a chance to share with others may passion for life, Alaska, and mountains, as well as to create space to facilitate life-changing introspection and release. 


Rujoum is the hebrew and arabic name for a cairn (a pile) of stones often used to mark a path through tough terrain. 

Sometimes, when you are hiking, the fog moves in and you can’t see anything. All you can see is the next rujoum in front of you, the next rock pile marking the way. All you can do is walk to that rujoum. From there, you will see the next one, and the next one, and so on. Such is life. We do not get to see the entire trail before us, but we know what step we have to take next. And we know that we will get to where we need to go. is a collection of posts, videos, and courses integrating Torah, meditation, and mindfulness all to help us wake up.

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